The Interview With A Longterm Cuckold Couple

What follows is a fascinating interview with “D” & “J.” As you will see, they were very thoughtful and thorough in their responses to our questions. Their answers to the questions are very descriptive and rich in detail.  We know you will really enjoy reading this interview.


Background of D & J:

D:   We’re both in our early 50’s. Each of us had been in long term marriages of over 25 years before we met. We met and started dating through an internet dating service almost a year ago. Right from the first date, we both felt we had great “chemistry” with each other. That first date lasted around 12 hours and was a blast! There was an immediate “comfort” of being together and from the first phone conversation; we knew we could talk about anything! There was, and still is, an “ease” to our conversations, almost therapeutic. Both of us agreed after the first couple of dates we already felt a very powerful sexual attraction to one another. So, with all this “going” in our favor, we quickly began sharing our desires, curiosities, fantasies, our likes and dislikes and also our past sexual history. No topic is off limits to discuss and we have enjoyed quite a few so far including  exploring a female dominant/male submissive relationship, the hot wife lifestyle, cuckolding, ex-lovers, (the good and bad of those relationships), and of course a lot of SPT is frequently brought up due to the smaller size of J’s penis. All of these topics, I had never thought I would even talk about openly, but over the past year, we’ve incorporated all of them into our relationship…and I’m loving it… we both are! Even though things have progressed in these “areas” quicker than we could have ever imagined, we both realize that because we can share our honest feelings…have this “openness” with one another, makes life so much more enjoyable! We have fallen deeply in love……  J

Read the rest of this really interesting interview by Steve

Miss Scarlett Red

Lovin small penis - the small penis blog

One of the things my wife I enjoy the most about this blog, is the quality of contributors we have here.  We really enjoy reading the insights and experiences of others who participate in the wide range of activities described on this blog.  It’s through this sharing of our experiences and ideas that can help us learn from each other.

We were talking not long ago and agreed it would be really valuable and fun to do an in-depth interview with a couple in which both the male and female in the relationship are active participants on this blog.  One couple immediately came to mind – “D” & “J.”  I approached them with this idea, and they enthusiastically agreed to do it.


What follows is a fascinating interview with “D” & “J.” As you will see, they were very thoughtful and thorough in their responses to our questions. Their answers…

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