Cuckolding: Fetish Fantasy

Few days ago, I read a Blog on here, wordpress, about the interview with a longtime cuckold couple. I have shared the link yesterday so that you also have the opportunity as i did to read it. I must say, its a great Blog.

Now Im not sure how many of you know that the meaning of cuckold is actually really old. The word is derived from the bird cuckoo. This crafty bird lays its eggs in nest of other birds. 

You may at this point be asking yourself, ok lady where are you going with this and where is the meaning? The Original meaning was, a husband being wronged by his cheating wife without her husband knowledge. Therefore calling a man a cuckold was to humiliate him, because he didn’t realize is wife is cheating on him and he wasn’t man enough to keep his wife from doing so.

Today cuckolding is referred to as a sexual fetish in which husband and wife derive sexual pleasure with men that are not her husband, The husband is made to watch while the Dominate wife is being pleasured by another man. 

Now some advice before you go jumping in with both feet into this fetish. Treat each other with respect as a person, not  someone that can provide sexual gratification.  Always communicate  which each other as it is the building blocks for your relationship, and that there is mutual enjoyment for both in fetishes and fantasies.

Couples that are considering this fetish, should make sure that your relationship is on solid ground, with strong communication skills, honestly and mutuality. Take things slowly, because there is a difference between thinking about watching and actually watching your wife being with another man sexually.

Now things can and will go wrong if emotions arise that you or your wife were not prepared for. But if you have a strong foundation in your relationship you should have a wonderful journey in this fetish together.

I have friends that are into this fetish as a couple. I sat down with them over lunch and asked them what they enjoyed about the fetish they share together.

This is what Tom and Deb had to say:

“After going to a play party years ago, they where introduced to cuckolding. Tom said they didn’t say much about to each other at the time even though they both came away excited about the fetish but neither one knew how the other one felt.

A couple of weeks later Tom ask Deb what she really thought about it. Deb replied that she had been turned on by it but didn’t want to say anything for fear of hurting Toms feelings.”

They have grown in this journey together and have become stronger as a couple. Communication skill have become a lot better and pleasing each other through cuckolding has been wonderful . They recommend this fetish to others and as in everything do your research and communicate so your on the right page as a couple for not every fetish is for everyone.

Tom enjoys is new found Dominating wife through cuckolding. He said if he hadn’t taken that first step in asking Deb what she thought that Day they most likely wouldn’t be enjoying cuckolding.

Deb states, she loves the way Tom gets excited and hard when he knows the day has come for some play, and how it makes her wet knowing there both are going to enjoy and be pleased.

Thank you reading my second post. 

Miss Scarlett Red

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