Jacab Lee “Nevermind”

Jacab Lee is a singer/songwriter from Australia.

He stated that “The impact of a song comes with it’s sincerity and in my experience the subconscious harbors more emotional intelligence than that of the conscious mind”.

He came up with the song ‘Nevermind’ while living in Bangkok. His girlfriend was traveling in Indonesia at the time, and he was worried she would meet someone else. So he wrote his thoughts down and created the song ‘NEVERMIND’.

To me, while listening to this song, the BDSM lifestyle came to mind.

The first part of the song talks about finding a place where they both belong and in a world they haven’t explored.

Yes the song is about there relationship, but my thoughts went to how many of us might feel when we are new in the lifestyle, or meeting a new partner and finding a place where we belong in a lifestyle that hasn’t been explored yet.

To wake up our desires and fantasies, and to breathe. To have faith in someone to help us bring out those desires when they arrive, we can let them in.

Don’t give up on yourself, for there is a reason to hold on and you will see and grow in your journey in the BDSM lifestyle.

Being a new submissive is exciting and yet can make you nervous all at the same time, which is perfectly fine.

You are consensually agreeing to submit or give up your control to a Dom, Mistress, or partner who takes power, control, and authority, in a relationship, scene, or activity.

But before you do agree, do your homework. You will want to build a good foundation through trust and honesty. Never tolerate them getting comfortable with disrespecting you at this time of vetting or any other time.

Your both learning from each other, negotiating and clarifying what you have in common, likes and dislikes, beliefs and values. If you have to many differences, there’s a good chance down the road things may become rough . So be really honest with yourself in what you want, desires, fantasies,hard and soft limits, but the most important is safety and having safe words in place.

After you have both agreed to move forward, just know there will be mistakes but hold on and don’t give up on yourself or the new relationship.

Enjoy each other and grow in your journey.


Miss Scarlett Red

3 thoughts on “Jacab Lee “Nevermind””

  1. I listened to the song. Interesting location for the video. I understand your interpretation but to me it was a love song with no kinky overtones. I might have to investigate Jacab Lee though. His voice was appealing.


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