Training Your Husband to Obey…

Right, not exactly the typical article you would read as you might not identify to this but think about it, we are in the same situation just a slightly different context.
If you are reading my blog, you are indeed well ahead of the husband’s pack as you are somehow capable of listening and understand the superiority of women.
Now if you really want to be a good sub that attract the right kind of attention, read this article, ask yourself whether you are capable of paying attention to your dominant.

Most of the times, with both husbands and pets, reinforcement (rewarding good behavior) works best. Punishment must be used sparingly, because it may have side effects—such as provoking a fear or anger response that may engender passive or aggressive defiance.

Miss Scarlett Red

2 thoughts on “Training Your Husband to Obey…”

  1. My relationship with my husband turned submissive 5 or so years ago is proof positive a male can be trained to be a complete gentleman, a domestic and sexual submissive. You can and should teach your old dog new tricks.
    I am just a normal house wife and mother of several children. This power and comfortable life style completely changed my life and marriage. You can do it to!
    Thank you Miss Scarlett for this post and your website. I think if you are looking to learn to be a better man Miss Scarlett can help.

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