Sex Toy Reviews — Miss Jezebella

Sex toys are for everyone, often designed for women, some are still very relevant for you guys. Allowing you to explore uncharted territories for most.

I have many as you can imagine as a Dominatrix, and obviously some are not classified as toys such as my floggers, neither are those little one used for CBT or the ropes.

But as we are in an open minded world to start an open minded relationship, I thought it would be worth sharing.

This is a space where I review the sex toys I own, honestly and often in great detail, with links to where you can buy the toy should you wish. I’m a big fan of sex toys, particularly of clitoral and G-spot stimulation, although I do delve into the wonderful worlds of anal play and […]

via Sex Toy Reviews — Miss Jezebella

This is not a paid advertisement neither a solicited one by Miss Jezebella, just genuinely sharing .

Miss Scarlett Red

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