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Making Mistakes in a D/s Relationship.

We are all human, and make mistakes everyday. It doesn’t matter how hard we try not to, we somehow still manage to screw it up.

You hurt your submissive by breaking the trust by an action, or in the way you have talked to them, or by not talking to them at all.

Now your wondering if you’ve caused irreparable damage, and your submissive is thinking they might be in a abusive relationship, or a number of things that are running through there head.

Now is the question, how are you as a Dom, going to fix the relationship with your submissive. How do you handle it, will tell what kind of person you are.

The first reaction should not be damage control. By your actions, there is consequences, and choice’s you made as a Dom.

Author Paul Shoemaker, stated most people tend to over react to there mistakes, and as a result, they may be tempted to hide there mistake, or continue down the same path.

Acknowledgement of your mistake is the first start. Second, you should apologize for the pain you have caused. Third you should explain what led up to the mistake. This helps your submissive to better understand and why it happened, so you can avoid the same mistake in the future.

Don’t try to explain it away with your side of the story, now isn’t the time to defend your actions. Now is the time to be concerned for your submissive and how they feel.

If the mistake is from a poor decision, now is the time to explain how and to avoid this mistake again. This can reassure your submissive, so they can start building trust with you again.

Just know if the same problem keeps happening, then it’s really not a mistake is it?

Things to Remember.

Accept responsibility in your mistake

Demonstrate that you can be trusted again and behave differently going forward

Don’t be defensive, or blame others. It can be hard to rebuild confidence after a mistake, but recovering from them demonstrate resilience , perseverance and a willingness to learn from your mistake.

Miss Scarlett Red

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