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Communication – Arousal as a tool

For properties, it is location, location, location…
For a couple it is Communication, communication, communication…

My point is communicate or get him receptive by any mean, if it is by kink, then kink it is. He will be willing to open more in those special moments…

Arousal is a good tool to use when you want to get information out of your sub. Especially for those like my husband, s, who are not good communicators and have trouble sharing their feelings. The things men (and women too) will admit to when aroused are very interesting… ”Pick a number between 1-10 my […]

via Arousal as a tool — MissusMistress

Getting your husband to open up is vital if you want to lead him somewhere sweet for you as the Dom.

Hope you see a trend in my postings, I am a Dominant one, and males are an important part of my life, I have explore both ends. I just want both sides to enjoy by helping you. Either you my sub males willing to understand, explore and finally submit to us as clearly it should have always been that way 😉 Or you my ladies, willing to lead your partner, husband in that territory for your pleasure and his too.

And do not hesitate to send me Private messages to suggest, share.

Miss Scarlett Red

PS: I am looking for female, couple willing to be interviewed as I am planning an article on it.

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