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Pet name, the art of…

This is something some male subs will have difficulties to grab and will need time to process. Pet names are something special between the Dom and her sub.

I remember clearly one of my male sub, totally new as so vanilla but willing to learn, being called by pet name was totally elusive to him, and with time and long discussion he understood it and love it. He will recognise himself, I am sure 😉

This article is not exactly that, but somehow carries the message well as some other males subs might identifies better with the transposition to a female. It is not the word itself that counts but the context, the history, the inner feelings it produce when you are being called that way, sometime it will be strictly be the excitement of forbidden, a word that you would never ever think saying no mention being called by it.

The longer I sit here the wetter I get, I need your cock like it’s my next hit. My pussy aches, I can’t take it anymore. Come on baby, let me be your whore. You want me to beg, want to hear me say please? Fine. For you, just this once, I’ll sink to my […]

via Whore — The Polka Dot Coffee Cup

So after reading that short and sweet writing, you might realise the power of a pet name. And be willing to discuss it with the woman who dom you…

I will definitely write more about pet name as somehow a powerful trigger in a Dom/sub relationship.

Miss Scarlett Red

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