“DOWN THERE” Grooming

As a Mistress, I see a lot of “down there”, and I would like to share my view on it.

First there is no right or wrong doings, I mean natural or slick. It is up to you and do not read me wrong, I was talking to women here 😉

Now for the subs, I believe slick is the only way they should present themselves in front of their Dom as a matter of respect but also it is a constant reminder of belonging. As each time they see it, it should trigger some primal feelings, each time they see some hair growing, they know they have to take care of it to please their Dom.

I totally realize that depending on where you live, some options will just not be options 😉 So be creative and realistic.

For men, waxing is possible for cock and pubis grooming, also possible to shave of course but less satisfying as a sense of achievement when waxed and longer effect as it will take time for our sub’s hair to grow back.

But for your balls, silly me, for our balls, just do not attempt it as not a matter of whether you can bear the pain more, it is a matter of the skin there, it won’t work. So balls are shaved, period.

As your owner, I might like to participate to that session when in the mood of getting closer to my sub.

And oh I personally like to see hairs growing back so do not be surprised if you are asked to let them grow again.

Hope it clarified how we feel as your owners?

Miss Scarlett Red

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