Building your playroom

Like any space in your home, why not have a dedicated space for your private playroom. How nice it would be to have everything in one space, where you and your partner, Dom or sub could enjoy your kink play.

Things to think about while planning your playroom:

1- Available Space
2- Color and Design
3- Budget
4- Storage and Space
5- Toys and Equipment

1- Available Space
It can be an extra bedroom, garage, or basement. It depends on what you prefer and what is available to you.

Climate control is important as well. You don’t want anyone over heating or getting to cold.

In your playroom you want to make sure you have enough outlets. For safety reasons, you don’t want extension cords everywhere to get in your way and to be tripping over, and two it makes the room ugly.

If you need more outlets, now is the time to plan for those.

Besides outlets you may want to think of sound proofing your space, you don’t need to be having those noise complaints.

2- Color and Design
Color and design what you want your dream playroom to be. Reds and blacks with a touch of silver is the most popular, but you can make it your own in Regale with Rich colors and accents.

Remember to pick one main color with two accent colors.

Lighting is important too. Have your lights on a dimmer switch to control the mood. I don’t suggest candles for lighting for safety reasons. They could get knocked over in the best of situations and before you know it your neighbourhood fire department is there.

3- Budget
Like most of us we don’t have a lot of extra cash laying around, so we must plan and make a budget that will work to make to make the playroom come about.

I suggest you start with one show piece, St Andrews cross, sex swing, spanking bench etc. It should be distinct from all of your other items you have collected for your playroom as the layout and decor will be centered around that piece. Make sure that any play pieces you have will bare considerable weights and are affixed to studs within the walls and ceiling. You don’t want to go cheap on these pieces and have them break during a session.

Now you don’t aways have to buy pieces , but can build them your self. Turn a storage bench or coffee table into a spanking bench. Just add eye bolt screw’s so you can attach the restraints. A simple chair is great for tying someone in.

I’m sure you can think of a lot of possibilities . Wink wink.

4- Space and Storage
Make sure any pieces you have collected will fit into the playroom. Start by measuring your space to get the dimensions, then your pieces so you know they will fit in the place you want them to be in.

For smaller items, you can store those in cabinets, shelving, chest or a pretty box.

5- Toys and Equipment
You can buy your smaller items like, chains, rope, clamps, bolts etc from a hardware store. But for items such as floggers, sex toys or sex swing I suggest to buy high quality from a good company.

If you choose to make something, take your time so it’s made properly the first time so it will last for many of play sessions.

These are just a few ideas on building your playroom. It’s never to late set a goal and make it come true.

Miss Scarlett Red

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