Collar’s and being Collared. There is a difference.

Collar’s hold different meanings to a Dominant and their submissive in the BDSM community. They symbolize the D/s relationship and regardless of the collar’s function, are to be taken very seriously.

With the internet, it has allowed the curious to find sites and participate in casual or anonymous D/s relationships online and collaring without guard to a D/s relationship. These kind of relationship’s start and end like turning off a light switch. There are fake from the beginning.

Wearing a collar for play is worn around a submissive’s neck in black leather with a D-ring, were a leash or lead is attached and the collar is buckled in the back of the neck. These collars are wore in kink play or shows ownership at events.

Everyday collars are made to look like jewelry or chokers in the submissive’s vanilla life. While wearing a black leather collar is a big sexual turn on, it’s best not to wear them out in the vanilla world. To many looks and question’s to be answered to those that don’t understand the BDSM lifestyle.

The Velcro collar is the term used when a Dominate uses online collaring of a submissive without guard for a existing relationship or safety.

Some Dom’s use collars of consideration in a new D/s relationship. This collar means protection and temporary ownership as the both of them figure out there relationship.

There are three stage’s that are practiced in the BDSM community on taking steps to be collard.

1- Consideration stage. This is equivalent of a pre-engagement ring. This collar can be removed by the submissive at anytime without any ill will feels. The D/s relationship ends with the removal of said collar.

2-Training collar stage. This is equivalent of a engagement ring. This collar indicates a deeper relationship between the Dom and submissive. The submissive is being trained by the Dominate in a safe and consenting setting. The submissive can ask for the removal of the collar if the needs are not being met at which time the collar is removed and relationship has ended with hopefully understand and care on both parties.

3- Third stage Owned. This is equivalent of a wedding band. The relationship has become deeper and very committed to each other. The Dom now owns the submissive. It’s a great source of pride to be officially owned and protected and is a great honour for both Dom and submissive.

The submissive must wear the day collar while away from home and a black leather collar at home or whatever there Dom tells the submissive to wear. The submissive can request the removal of the collar by the Dom but only after much communication. Removal of this collar is like getting a divorce which hopefully doesn’t happen. Before excepting this collar there should be a understanding on how important this collar is and not be taken lightly when considering the final stage in being collard.

Again it’s not a game to be collared in the BDSM lifestyle. It’s taken very seriously in the BDSM community. Make sure you are ready for this commitment for life.

Miss Scarlett Red. Kisses

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