Being Thankful

I wanted to share what I’m thankful for this time of year, as most of us in the United States gather together as friends and family for Thanksgiving.

Although I live far away from my family, I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to stay in touch with them, either through texting, messaging, etc. I will be thinking of my family and of my parents and siblings that have past away.

Each year at my Thanksgiving table I set an extra place for those that have passed away in my family. I do this so that they will never be forgotten. I know this may sound silly to some, but for me it’s near to my heart.

I’m thankful for my friends new and old. I believe we come into people’s life’s for a reason. It may be for a reason, a season or hopefully what I like is for a lifetime.

I have made a few lifetime friends either from, a sub that was once mine, and you know who you are, to friends from school or events etc. These friends you want to hang on to, be there for them like they are for you. Message them first sometimes and keep that relationship going, they shouldn’t be the only one trying to keep the relationship going.

Your going to disagree at times but that’s ok. Lifetime friendship take work and understanding.

Tell them you appreciate them and love them as your friend, for tomorrow isn’t promised and could be to late to tell them.

I’m also thankful for you, my followers, for your support, reading my blogs, reposting my blogs and commenting. Without you I wouldn’t have a blog. Thank you thank you.

Miss Scarlett Red. Kisses

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