Self value, self worth, power in a D/s relationship

In a D/s relationship, there is power exchange and control. This is where one person (Dom) is in control in the D/s relationship, while the other person (sub) has the power through safe words and can stop a session by using them.

The Dom has been given the control over the submissive only after the submissive has agreed to submit to there potential Dom after vetting and training to see if there is a good fit for each other.

Now my question is, how much control should a sub hand over the there Dom?

I’m sure there are a lot of answers to this question, and I invite you to give your thoughts on this in the comments.

My thoughts are, it depends on if you’re married or not. When married you might want to give more control over to your Dom because you know him very well, while not being married to your Dom I would think less control because it could interfere with the subs vanilla life depending on the task the sub was given. But these things should be discussed and agreed upon before the submissive submits.

As a submissive is entering into a D/s relationship or is already into one, the submissives should always uphold their self worth, self value, and the power in the D/s relationship.

A sub can give their body, orgasms, and time to their Dom, but NEVER give your Dom your power for any reason.

When a sub gives the power over to her/his Dom, the sub losses the respect, worth and value for themselves and for others such as family and friends.

A sub can do this in different ways by letting go of there hard limits to please there Dom or the sub has romantic feelings and will do anything to keep the Dom even tho it causes depression , anxiety, etc for the sub, or the sub will give complete power and control over there life to the Dom for what ever reason.

When the Dom and sub agree to take this type of action in their relationship, they either don’t realize the consequences of their actions this will cause or they do and don’t care.

Remember all actions has consequences, that will turn out either good or bad. Make sure in a D/s relationship that your actions doesn’t affect your family and friends because they come first before any Dom. You can replace a Dom or sub, but you CAN Not replace family and friends.

Scarlett Red, Kisses

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