Death of a Sister

Death is never easy for anyone. But I want to take some time to share about my older sister Nancy and remember the great memories we shared together.

Growing up in our family wasn’t easy. There were 7 of us. 2 older brothers and 5 sisters. By the time you were 6 years old it was job to feed and water the chickens and also bring in there eggs into the house before school each morning.

In the summer months Nancy became like a mom to us while our mom worked in a sewing factory all day.

Nancy at the age of 16 ,she did it all while our mom worked. Nancy one day had made a home made cherry pie. The only problem, she forget to remove the cherry pits. It’s a wonder we all didn’t break our teeth lol.

At an early age she learned to be the glue that kept our family together. After she married and had two boys she didn’t stop at keeping the family together. We always went to her home twice a month for those big home cooked Sunday dinners and always on the holidays.

During the summer months we children didnt have shoes to wear but when it was time to start school , she always helped out our mom so we had new shoes for school.

She helped our mom to make dressed for us for school each year and later on pants because at that time you could only wear dresses to school.

Later on in life she was able to find our father so we children could reconnect with him only tho in a few years he murdered while entering his home in 1984. He was shot in the head.

Nancy was called to verify his body and on her way home to roads where slick from rain. She rolled her car three times and become paralyzed from her waist down. She was 32 years young.

That didn’t stop her tho. She carried on as if nothing had happened to her.

She did so many times for us as children and later on in our adult life’s.

She passed away last night at 8:20 pm NC time.

Rest in peace my beloved sister Nancy. You are in a much better place. I will miss you dearly. Hugs and kisses.

Your youngest sister Sarah.

7 thoughts on “Death of a Sister”

  1. She sounds like she was a wonderful person. Strong and capable! Caring and confident. Life threw some tough things at her and yet she rose above them. I am so sorry for you and your family at this very sad time. I’m just a nameless faceless person here on WordPress but I send you hugs and prayers. I wish I had met her.

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