Emotional and Physical Affairs

Emotional Affairs are defined as platonic or friendly feelings towards another person other than there spouse that turns romantic and sexual feelings .

Physical Affairs are defined as one person in a committed relationship is sexually involved with another person other than there spouse.

Emotional Affairs crosses the boundaries of a friendship and blurs the lines, that takes a path into a inappropriate relationship that will mostly turn into a physical sexual one.

It has been stated that, 45 percent men and 35 percent women have said they have had some sort of an Emotional Affair in there life time and that in most cases had turned physical in real time.

They also stated that they didn’t think a Emotional Affair was cheating, even tho they kept it from there spouses. They believe if they don’t stick there cock in the ladies pussy there not cheating. OMG lol

Relationship Expert and Psychologist, Vijayeta Sinh, stated in todays relationships they become emotional disconnected with there spouse. That people’s lives become so busy with long hour work days, ones cellphones and there social media accounts they lose sight of there relationship with there committed spouse.

Instead of looking for emotional support from there committed spouse, and spending time in communicating with them, they look elsewhere for there self-gratification either online or in real time.

As the Emotional Affair moves forward, they will throughout there day fantasize about there romantic fantasies and or get on video with the other person to share naughty pictures of themselves etc.

They will also lay in bed with there spouse laying next to them asleep, and watch and direct what they want to see from the other person all while knowing there keeping secrets from there unknowing spouse.

In the mornings they may even get up early so they can be online with the other person so they can get off while there spouse is still asleep. Wouldn’t you think they would want to make love to there spouse instead of using there hand or toys while getting off online?

I was a spouse that was cheated on by her husband of 16 years. He would rather have affairs than enjoy the BDSM lifestyle with me. I wasted years that I can’t get back that I could of been enjoying with someone that was in the lifestyle.

Going through my divorce that I choose to do, having to divide of the house hold up, losing material ideas and having to start over on my own wasn’t the hardest thing for me, it was being betrayed by my husband that I thought was also my friend.

Anyone that disrespects there spouse by keeping secrets, deleting messages and social media accounts and playing sexually online with someone other than there spouse is a cheater plan and simple.

It’s having no respect for themselves , there spouse, or the other person’s spouse. The wedding vows they took mean nothing to them as long as they get self-gratification, and the only time there sorry is when they finally get caught by there spouse.

I do understand if you can’t leave or kick your spouse out because you have to wait until you can afford to or for health reasons. I waited two years saving money up sleeping on the couch so I could kick him out. But one thing I can say for my self , I kept my worth, value and respect for myself not cheating by having an affair (as a lonely old woman looking for friends ) as I was told that yesterday by a woman who betrayed my trust. Lmao.M

Life is to short and you only get one. Respect your self and know your self worth and value. Don’t treat your spouse any different than you want them to treat you.

Miss Scarlett Red: Kisses

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