Follow the steps…

Step 1

Read My website in full.  Make sure you are familiar with the different sessions I offer, what I do not offer, My donations and expectations/rules.  Make sure you are also familiar with My schedule located below.

Step 2

Fill out My Questionnaire:   I request BEFORE you call Me to take the time to fill out My online questionnaire.  It is not invasive and is discreet, but gives Me an idea of what you are seeking.  CLICK HERE for My Questionnaire.

If you are not comfortable with that you may send Me an introductory email to


  • Your first name:

  • Age:

  • Time & date of desired session:

  • Duration of session you seek:

  • What are your interests, fetishes and kinks:

  • And anything else you wish to include.

STOP!  I will NOT speak to you until you have either filled out My Questionnaire or sent an introductory email.

Step 3

Followed the steps above?

Phone, webcam or text sessions:  You may make requests via email, I require 1 day notice.  Click here for My sessions page for these type of sessions.

And Click here if you want more details on how to book an appointment.

For a phone session you can call Me on Skype.

My Schedule

I usually require 1 day notice for sessions.  

VIP clients are permitted to book same day sessions without any additional fees.
If you wish to book a same day appointment there is an additional $100 fee.
If you wish to schedule a session that starts outside of My schedule it is an additional $100 fee.

My weekly schedule changes, you may view My schedule below.

  • Monday- 11am-11pm

  • Tuesday- 11am-11pm

  • Wednesday- 11am-11pm

  • Thursday- 11am-11pm

  • Friday- 11am-11pm

  • Saturday- 11am-11pm

  • Sunday- Noon-11pm (1 days notice required).

I can be available outside of My schedule for extended sessions or special packages without additional fees.  (All located on My Sessions page).