How to book an appointment with Scarlett Red

How do you book an appointment with Scarlett Red?

Information on booking appointments with Scarlett Red

  • I prefer 1 days notice for all appointments, but can so some same day with 4 hours notice.

  • All NEW slaves who wish to book an appointment MUST FIRST send an introduction email to or fill out My Questionnaire.

  • Existing slaves/submissives I have met with before may always call Me directly from the number located on My contact page. Please note if I have NOT met you before make sure you email first or fill out the questionnaire.

  • Expect to spend at least 20 minutes on the phone with Me when you call to book an appointment, do NOT Dominate the conversation, allow Me to evaluate you and ask the questions I need to ask you.   It is important that I like you, so make sure you’re polite, if I do not like you, I will not meet you.

  • If you’re a new slave I may request a small good faith deposit, this is discreet of course, if you have questions or concerns then share them with Me.

  • I am an exclusive Fem Domme who gives 100% to every one of My sessions, I want a mutually enjoyable encounter with positive energy and in order for Me to maintain this balance I typically do not see more then 3 to 6 submissives/slaves a week. With that said I request that you not waste My time, it is VERY valuable, only book an appointment with Me if you feel you are truly ready. If you’re un-sure and/or nervous we can arrange to meet casually to get to know each other over coffee, lunch, or dinner, I do offer these types of consultations to help ease your nerves and to help you get better acquainted with Me. Click here for Session information. I also am happy to provide webcam and/or phone sessions prior to meeting if you prefer with 1 days notice.

  • I accept both cash and PayPal for appointments. I do prefer to accept PayPal for pre-paid appointments or for deposits but can make other payment arrangements if you are not comfortable using PayPal. I DO NOT accept gift cards as forms of payments, this may be a job I enjoy, but it is still a job and I do not get paid in barter. Do not insult Me by attempting to negotiate any donations/payments to Me..

Hours where I accept phone calls for appointments (from existing slaves I have seen before).

Monday-Saturday (10am-7pm).

Hours when I accept appointments.

My hours change week to week view them on My contact Page.

I realize there is a lot of information here, but booking an appointment is VERY simple.

Just remember to be gentleman, email Me with your name, when you desire an appointment and your interests. After you do all that I will take the lead and you simply just need to obey and follow.

Until we meet.

Miss Scarlett Red